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As a little girl, I always dreamt of working with animals and thanks to my husband’s unwavering support, I was ultimately able to follow my dreams and become an advanced veterinary nurse. For over 14 years, I ran my own volunteer animal shelter, specializing in the care and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wombats. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience that I’ll cherish forever.

When Tony first introduced me to the concept of Animals Down Under, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. It’s such a unique way to capture the beauty and love of our beloved pets that has never been seen here in Australia before, and I just knew we had to make it happen.

I can’t wait to meet you and your furry friend, and to create a timeless heirloom that will honor your pet and become a cherished family keepsake for generations to come.


“Hello, I’m Tony and I’d like to introduce you to our newest team member and studio manager, PiXeL (AKA my BFF). Just like Shelli, I have a deep love for our four-legged family members. Animals have always been a big part of our lives, and I have to admit, I often prefer their company over people (but shh, don’t tell anyone!).

As the technician behind Animals Down Under, I bring a wealth of experience in photography, video, and print and over the years, I’ve have been fortunate to received numerous state, national, and even a few international awards, but to me, the real reward is seeing the joy on a client’s face when they receive their furry friend’s artwork.

‘That “OH-WOW” moment’.

I take great pride to deliver exceptional quality and I am thankful that all the training and experience can be utilised to deliver such a special product that captures the most unique perspective showing the love and beauty of your pet



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    Meet Bertha, AKA Princess
  • /02
    Meet DUSTY, AKA Dust
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  • /04
    Meet PIXEL, AKA Buttercup, AKA ‘Diablo’

Whippet - She’s lightning fast and has the titles to prove it... Favorite pastime: Sleep, Asking where her dinner is? Giving big hugs, sneaking into our bed and sneaking in the car. Favorite food: Liver Treats & Steak Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory Favorite Human: Torn between Mum and Dad

Kelpie cross - we think maybe Whippet Favorite pastime: Waiting at the gate mum left through! Pulling the blankets off the couch. Jumping on our bed and Road trips. Favorite food: Liver Treats, bones, meat of any kind really! Favorite TV show: Blue heelers Favorite Human: Mum 100% but I do love Dad

Favorite pastime: Farting! Being the nurse to the other dogs, Sleeping on couch, eating, looking for food and trying to look like I am starved. Favorite food: Liver Treats, bones, meat, actually anything food that is not a vegetable and use by dates are optional. Favorite TV show: Eat Pray Love Favorite Human: Mum when Dads not there and Dad when mums not there.

Favorite pastime: Being adorable, playing ball, going to studio, following Dad anywhere, recycling tissue boxes and anything that needs pulling apart. Favorite food: Liver Treats, bones, meat, actually anything that resembles food, dead, alive or really really dead, not fussed. Favorite TV show: Any video clip of me catching ball or any clip of a dog. (did I say I love playing ball?) Favorite Human: DAD - sorry mum he gives me more treats as compensation for his lack of discipline and he plays ball with me.