From wet noses to wagging tails, we capture it all.

Frequently Asked Questions & How It All Works

Italian Trulli Why choose Animals Down Under?
It’s a unique way to look at your pets. First time available down under. Remember that saying “Take a photo, it last longer” Well it’s true.
Italian Trulli How does it work?
Firstly, we have private parking available directly out the front of our studio and we will greet you on arrival and walk you through the whole process. Your pets well being is our number one priority and we do have a pet chill area with a barrier within our studio that may utilize at any time during your session. The shoot normally takes around 20- 30 minutes and we will often break it into 2 or 3 short sessions on the glass depending on your pets comfort level. Be prepared for your pets head to increase in size by upto 50% LOL - We transmit the images live onto a large digital screen and your pets EGO may grow substantially form all the Ohhhh’s and Awwww’s during the shoot.
Italian Trulli What if my Pet is scared of the special shooting rig and/or the flash equipment?
We have found that around 10-15% of pets are ‘Non performers’ on the Glass or may be scared or jumpy with our Flash equipment, so what we do have options. If it is due to the Flash then we can switch our equipment over to LED Studio constant lighting but there is a very small sacrifice in quality that is usually only seen in very large prints. If your pet is uncomfortable with the glass table, we offer an alternative style of imagery that is equally stunning. Although it may not be as unique as our signature approach, our focus remains on creating beautiful art of your pet. This is our ‘Plan B’ option, so you can rest assured that we have a solution that will work.
Italian Trulli After Session
We will sit down, enjoy a ‘Real Coffee’ or Tea, Hot Chocy or what ever takes your fancy while we do a ‘quick edit’ to prepare the images for you to make your selection. Once you’ve picked your favorite photos and print material, we’ll put our expertise to work and give them a final touch of pawfection before printing. There is absolutely no obligation or pressure to purchase, only purchase what you absolutely Love. The final edit and printing of the artwork usually takes between 10-15 working days. If you prefer to come back to review the images, we are more than happy to schedule a time and date that suits
Italian Trulli What we ask from you
We understand that life can be unpredictable, but arriving on time for your session helps us provide the best possible experience for you and your pet. A Clean pet makes for the best result. This is their 15 mins of fame, so let them shine! A quick trip to the groomers will make them look and feel awesome. While we love having pets at our studio, we do ask that you keep them on a leash or if you prefer then in a crate for their safety and the safety of others, except during the actual photo shoot. We want to make sure your pet is comfortable and feels safe, so we ask that you lift them onto and off of the glass table during the session. If your pet is heavy please bring someone with you to help you with your pet. (We do have a ramp available but not all pets are comfortable with ramps). The best images are made by getting your pet to look down towards the camera so we lure them with toys, treats, clickers basically anything that works and we do have on hand a range of treats available. If your pet is on a special diet you will need to bring their own treats cut up into small pieces (really tiny please). Allow us to pamper your pet and tell them how awesome they and with your permission let us stroke, pat and make them feel like royalty
Italian Trulli Costs and Pricing
The cost is totally up to you, we only charge for the session fee and you only purchase what you absolutely love. Our premium wall art prices start at $395 inc gst.
Italian Trulli Other common questions asked
Do you offer digital files? You will receive matching Social Media Files with everything you order. At Animals down under, we are committed to providing the best possible results for our clients and delivering a finished product! That’s why we do not offer Hi-resolution files - we want to make sure that the final product is printed with the utmost care, using the highest quality materials and techniques available. Our reputation is on the line with every piece we produce, and we take that responsibility seriously. I have an agressive dog that is normally muzzled, can they still be photographed? Possibly, we will need to have a chat to discuss first to ensure the safety of our staff and also to make sure we still can capture great images so lets talk first. I understand my pet will standing on glass, is it safe? Absolutely, well unless they weigh over 250KGs... We use Australian standards certified safety glass, which is suspended on a Steel frame. What happens when my final Artwork is on my wall and a stranger doesnt go ‘Oh- WoW! - Easy they are not an animal person, so they should not be in your world
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